How tech is reforming the tourism industry


echnology and travel is the perfect combination in today’s world. From the fascinating destinations we choose to the flights we book, technology makes for an important part of our travel plans. Heck, we are even dependent on technology when we come back and want to upload our pictures to make our followers and friends jealous! For businesses and even customers in the travel industry, technology plays a vital role. Several online travel solutions give the companies an upper hand in improving their operations and customer experience. So let’s look at some of the technological advancements in the travel sector which has helped both the companies and the consumers.

Recognition Technology

This technology has appeared as a boon to the travel companies. This kind of advancement includes fingerprint recognition, retina scanning,facial recognition, and many more biometrics identifiers. It is already being used on airports, in hotels for semi-contactless check-ins and checkouts. Travel agents can use facial recognition to improve personalization as well as easy payments and tighter security. Even during the visa application, biometrics are used widely to gather information. In the future, it is also expected that there might be some technology that would allow people to automatically pay for their meals when they exit.

Smartphones, the best copilots

Smartphones have come a long way to help you out with your travel plans. These have become our tour guides, travel agents, best cafe locator, and much more. Remote check-in, real-time travel news, paperless boarding, shopping, and what not! It has changed almost all the elements of your travel experience. Particularly airlines and hotel booking portals have been in their A-game through travel apps to provide a great booking experience. You truly can have all the pertinent information in the palm of your hand. Even for the travel agents, they can connect to their customers from time to time to give them better services.

Customer-company power shift

Travel technology companies have shifted the balance of power between businesses and customers across the travel industry. Now we can easily get honest, up-to-date travel information that we can rely on for the essential elements of our holiday planning. The USA- based TripAdvisor is one of the best examples of this growth. Almost all travelers refer to the reviews on it to solve their queries. Other travel apps like Trippy or Where Are You Now showcase a more interactive and direct connection between the reviewers and the audiences.

Not getting lost anymore

Nowadays getting lost in a new destination seems quite impossible. With travel apps like navigations, Geotags, Google maps, and geolocations, travelers have gained more and more confidence in themselves to navigate through the nooks and crannies of the travel destinations. They have become more spontaneous and less dependent on the usual travel guides. With this technology, travel agents can easily navigate their travel groups with ease by staying connected with them.

Virtual Reality

Now Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality has also entered the travel world. Imagine sitting on your couch (you must very well be a couch potato due to the Corona lockdown), and “teleport” to the Great Wall of China or the museums of Paris! You can even use EVEREST VR to have a breathtaking view from the top of the world without climbing Mount Everest. A lot of travel technology companies also use VR to showcase hotel rooms before booking or give a few seconds of the tour of a cruise ship. Although, Mr. Himansu, the CEO of AGI DMC had different viewpoints about it. He said, “Many companies have started virtual tours due to COVID to give their customers home-based tour experience, but that is only good for marketing during the current situation k. After the pandemic gets over, people would still prefer to visit and experience the actual place.”

The travel industry is one where interaction with customers is of utmost importance and technological advances are actually helping travel companies to get closer and know their customers in a better way. As said by the CTO of AGi DMC, Bharani Sai, “After we recover from the COVID 19 pandemic, our company will help suppliers and operators from the Tours, Activities, Restaurant and Attraction industry in Asia with White Label, cost-effective and some free solutions for best in class Inventory Management, Dynamic Pricing, AI-Powered Analytics & Product Enhancement tools, App powered QR Ticketing and other similar technologies.” Now we have already advanced so much in the technology arena. What do you think will be the next big technological hit in tourism?