Travel After Corona



he current coronavirus scenario is having an impact on everyone’s lives. We can’t go out to meet our friends, to the movies, and in most cases, we can’t even step out of our homes. But amidst this crisis, there are key industries that are struggling and one of them is the travel industry. People are scrambling to cancel their trips and get refunds, hotels and carriers are shut down. Basically, the industry has never experienced panic, change, and disruption on such a scale. But travel will surely rebound. As and when everything reopens, the future of travel will surely become different for everybody. Let’s see what the future holds for avid travelers and the service providers.

Travel will start domestically

The travel industry in India and other parts of Asia will rebound in a staggering manner. The people will travel within the limits of their countries and they would likely want to stick closer to their homes. A lot of them will travel to their nearby amusement park or beaches so that it is a bit safe, yet still feels like a holiday. Local travels like road trips and inter-state travels will hopefully be allowed because people would want to forget the lockdown situation and breathe some fresh air after being cooped up in their houses. The airlines will also begin with flights to the most important hubs where there is a strong demand and the public health conditions are the best.

Travelers will focus on their health

People inAsia and particularly in India still haven’t changed in the sense that they would want to go out and travel. But, now they will be a lot more cautious. This pandemic will urge travelers to count-in health factors even more than before while planning their trips. We will be entering a period where the travelers wouldn’t want to touch anything. Hassle-free and crowd-free travel is the way of the future. As the tourism of Asian countries is hard-hit by the virus, the service providers after gradually opening up will definitely be more vigilant towards their customers’ safety and overall cleanliness.

Travel Agents will make a comeback

In recent years, travel agents have become more niche. Many of them focus on luxury and business travel as other travelers simply booked their trips online. However, looking at the fast-changing nature of the crisis, people would want more of a difficulty-free journey and to have someone if and when something goes wrong. In the post-COVID travels, people will value the travel advisors more because they will be able to smoothly run the procedures beyond their product and destination knowledge. The agents will be like the safety nets for the travelers and a reassurance that someone has your back.

There will be discounts and deals everywhere

For at least a short term after the lockdown is lifted, the airlines and hotels will give out great deals to the travelers because there are seats and rooms to be filled. They may still continue to be less stringent with rebooking options and cancellations for a period of time. But don’t get too excited about those discounts. Look for a more overall value of the deal rather than just the cheaper price. See what all is included- like meals or attraction tickets and then decide which deal to buy.

Traveling will become more purposeful

After the corona outbreak finishes and there is a safe vaccination available, people will make different choices when it comes to travel. People will finally understand the effects over tourism was having on the environment and they might focus on bigger, more meaningful trips than the kinds of mini-trips that were popular pre-pandemic. Sustainable tourism might come into the spotlight and the travel industry can grow in a much more ethical way.

Despite the tragedy unfolding, travel will eventually resume and will be as rewarding as ever. While the question of how long and when still persists, many feel that there is still hope for the industry to bounce back to normal.