How are hotels helping the needy during the Corona crisis


he spread of coronavirus has had a severe impact on the travel and hospitality industry.Although global travel is at a standstill, the otherwise closed hotels all over the world have opened their doors for the frontier medical fighters in need.The hotels are working with the local authorities to help the underprivileged and the healthcare workers.Many of them across the globe are stepping up to help the people in their way.
Here are several ways in which the hotel industry is giving back amidst the COVID crisis.

Free Meals and Care Packages

This lockdown has brought out the best in the hospitality industry.With a lot of hotel businesses going out of their way, they are here to help the underprivileged during these difficult times.Biggies like the Oberoi group, Accor, and many more are providing everyday meals to the medical personnel, cops, and other corona warriors in India.

In a heartfelt gesture, the Taj Group of Hotels owned by TATA has come to aid for the medical warriors who are engaged in fighting the Coronavirus.The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in collaboration with Taj Caterers provided complimentary food to the patients, nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals working in the government hospitals of Mumbai.Marriott hotels across the Asia-Pacific are spreading smiles through their facades.In India, Marriott Jaipur and Mussoorie are even distributing essential items like oil, wheat flour, rice, lentils, spices for around 150 underprivileged families every week.


Almost all the hotel chains across the world have waived the cancellation and modification of bookings for their guests.Each hotel has tightened its sanitization, food handling, cleaning procedure, and disinfection to fight the corona outbreak.Their utmost important agenda is the safety of their guests and staff.They have taken all possible precautionary measures for the guests’ wellbeing and are following the WHO as well as the respective local health department recommended measures.

Free / Subsidized Accommodations

In many parts of the world, hotel chains like Oberoi and Marriott have opened their doors to medical workers and doctors.They are providing free accommodations to the corona warriors and making sure they get to rest in a safe and clean environment.The Marriott group of hotels has also started a Community Caregiver Program across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.It provides significantly discounted rooms for the medical workers who want to book a room in the vicinity of the hospital they work in. Apart from this, many hotel chains across the globe have put a stringent housekeeping protocol for the rooms allotted to doctors.This is tremendously helping to reduce the stress of lockdown on healthcare workers.


Apart from the meals and rooms provision, there have been substantial donations in the form of money, medical equipment, and essential goods TATA group has pledged to donate a total of 500 crores to the Corona relief fund in India.Marriott hotels, on the other hand, have been involved in donating pre-packaged food and important sanitation supplies like masks, antimicrobial wipes, gloves, shower caps, hand sanitizers for the medical, and other frontline staff.Many of the hotels are even donating their room times to medical heroes across the world who are continuously battling the virus.

With such tremendous help from the hotel and hospitality across the globe, the world has become a little better for medical personnel.It has processed more than 15000+ cancellations and refunds. For some of them, it has even issued vouchers for future bookings.The industry surely knows how to take care of people and has emerged as a bright ray of sun in these bleak times and AGi DMC is proud to partner with these hotels.