Food Cravings at home during Corona Pandemic



uring this time of lockdown, you must be cut-off from the outer world and probably may not have eaten any junk food for so long. Although there are several contactless deliveries happening in India, people are still not opting for it. This is actually great because eating outside food is like inviting the virus into the homes! Instead, they are taking refuge in their own kitchens by being as creative as possible. Be it making momos, or using those extra bananas to make delicious bread, there are plenty of options to curb your cravings during this pandemic. Although we need to remember that the resources are getting scarce and we need to prepare meals with whatever we have at hand and not just hoard ingredients from the supermarket. So let’s see how we can curb those nasty cravings for the time being.

Go for alternatives

At this time of the pandemic, cravings are but natural. But how you tackle them is in your hands. Whenever you want to eat something decadent or heavy, try searching for its healthier alternatives. For eg., if you are making Pani Puri, try using sprouts as the filling masala for it. This way, your desire to eat Pani Puri is also fulfilled, and the guilt gets drastically reduced. Another way to go for alternatives is to bake things instead of frying. Baked chips, baked vegetables, and then there is, of course, oven-baked pizza that can be made healthier by topping it with green vegetables.

Drink more water

A lot of people are stressing over the situation and eating a lot. Or maybe they are just bored and eating a lot. Either way, it is quite unhealthy to keep eating all day and then regretting it later. If you are a stress eater, then whenever you feel snacky, drink water. Trust me, it helps a lot in giving some rest to those cravings. Moreover, it is helpful for your body to stay hydrated and avoid obesity too.

Prepare the meal you crave

Cooking at home is your best bet right now. Not only you know what kinds of ingredients you are putting in the dish, but you know it is safe and thoroughly cleaned. Once in a while, you can definitely make that burger you are craving. This will definitely be a healthier version of what you usually eat because there are no additives, fewer fats & sugars, as well as other chemicals. Plus, it will satiate your cravings too. It’s a win-win situation!

Portion out your meals and snacks

We know that while grocery shopping you must have hoarded on a lot of snacks to feel better about the corona situation. But you need to be aware of your waistline situation as well. A better way to enjoy some junk and not feel the guilt about it is to portion out your meals and snacks. It is harder to control the portion size when there is a whole packet of chips in your hands. Instead, you can just take a smaller portion in a container or maybe divide your plate with half the chips and half of the non-starchy and high fiber options like fruits, veggies, eggs, roasted grams, and so on.

Food can surely be a source of comfort during turbulent times and we know those pesky cravings are harder to keep at bay, but it is also necessary to improve your immune system to fight the virus. By taking a few healthier steps during this quarantine period, you can ensure you remain in good shape and boost your health.