4 Things That Travel Agents Can do to attract customers in the current scenario


t is quite a turbulent time for travel and tourism based businesses. We know that you have put your time and sweat into your business and you are worried about the future of the travel industry. But there’s some good news for you. The travel companies are applying some tactics and strategies to keep their business afloat. Some are taking the aid of gift vouchers, some are planning local tours ahead of the pandemic, and a few are improving content on their websites. So, for you to calm down and make you feel positive, we have curated information that you can apply right away to attract potential customers.

1. Consider local tour planning

As the COVID-19 situation is still dwindling, it is quite hard to predict when the travel industry will be back to its glory. But till then, you as a tour operator can grab an opportunity to promote local travel experience among the tourists. Various travel companies are looking forward to offering tours within India and there is also an increased demand among customers for it.

2. Offer gift cards to your potential customers

This is one of the best ways to accumulate potential customers for your travel company during the corona situation. To keep your revenue flowing and be liquid during these times, you can sell gift cards on a lower than the nominal value. This will make the customer think about their future travel plans and by buying your vouchers, they can even buy a tour package from you further ahead in time.

3. Highlight online reviews on the website

Another great way to attract potential customers is to put up positive reviews from your previous clients. The words from your previous customers will showcase their travel experience with you and showcasing that will increase your website traffic. When a potential traveller sees this on your website, he/she will have a sense of trust in your services and will definitely think of you in their future travel plans.

4. Add related blogs and travel destinations to consider in future trips

During the social distancing time, people are eager than ever to come across the content which gives them a little bit of escape from the current situation. This is the perfect time for you to stay connected while providing valuable content about travel and tourism. For the readers to be hopeful, you can add relevant travel blogs about the destinations that they can travel to in the future.