Staycations - The New Trend Today



staycation is the new vacation choice of the millennials. It is not a long holiday but a mini day vacation. Staycations have been popular in the west but the popularity is also rising among the time-crunched youngsters from India and South-East Asia too. The idea is winning popularity because staycations can be arranged in very short notice, is easy to plan and it is cheaper too.

So what do you do in a staycation? In a nutshell, you choose to spend 24-hours in a four or five-star resort or a boutique hotel in your city itself and have fun as if you are on a vacation. This is a welcome break from the routine life without having to either travel a lot or to spend a lot of money.

Comparing staycation and a vacation

A vacation can be demanding. You will need at least a week’s break, pay for the airline, and the hotels. You then need to plan the sightseeing and activities in the place. All these can be taxing which eventually fails to solve the purpose of a holiday. Most of them look forward to a relaxed time where they can sit idle and maybe just read a book or go for a swim without any rushed itinerary planned for the day. And a staycation offers just that.


There is not a lot to explore outside the resort when you are on a staycation. This is because you are still living in your own city. This gives you a chance to enjoy a swim, treat yourself to a spa, spend some time with family, read a book or just have a drink soaking in the views that the resort has to offer.

All this is a great escape from the tiring and mundane day to day routine. And this is why staycations are one of the best ways to unwind and spend some time with oneself.

Staycations are ideal for families as well a singles


Staycations are a great choice whether you are a family or a single. Families can use this time to bond with each other, which is something that many miss when juggling between work and household chores on a daily basis. Staycations are the best time to indulge in activities as a family.

For singles too, staycations can be a great opportunity to explore some interest or work on their passion.

Staycation after the Covid 19 pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic has already hit the travel industry hard. Traveling outside the city may not be a safe option for quite some time. This could be a great chance to try out a staycation. Ditch your international and domestic travel plans and pivot towards staycations for a safer holiday.

AMG DMI staycation tours

Life in a city is stressful! Why not de-stress without having to move out of your city? The potential of staycations is huge and this is why AMG DMI is acquiring companies and starting their staycation tours. They are tapping this market aggressively because staycations are the in-thing today. The long commute to work and long job hours eventually start to take a toll on one’s health. Traveling to a new destination for a break may not be feasible for all. A staycation solves all these woes. With some of the amazing properties under their wings, you get to chill out and de-stress without having to leave your city.