Low-Cost Marketing Activities You Should Perform for Your Travel Agency/Company



ncreasing sales is the top most priority of any travel agency. The competition today is plentiful and new travel agencies are popping up each minute. On top of that it is now going to be really difficult to get back to your customer base once the situation becomes normal post the covid-19 pandemic.

Travel companies are losing a lot of business because of the pandemic which in turn has caused a global recession. Once the situation gets normal there is going to be a huge fight to get a piece of cake and companies would try out all ways to increase their customer base to be able to cover up their phenomenal losses.

This slowdown in travel and tourism can be a great time to focus on marketing your travel agency and winning new clients. It is however important to keep in mind that building customer reputation is important which is what is going to increase sales and help in growing travel business. And the good news is that marketing to your clients does not pinch your pocket. Here are some low-cost marketing strategies that you can try out.

Send a monthly newsletter on email

Develop a short newsletter and email to your clients to keep in contact touch with your clients. The newsletter content should focus on the current situation in the travel industry and give tips on how things will be after the world is back to normal. The email should have content that your clients will be interested in reading. Sending such emails consistently will let you clients keep you in their minds.

Do not overlook your social media posts

Your social media posts should have variety. Inspire your customers with new ideas of travel destination. Share photos that are eye-catching and keep your clients updated about how your travel company is going to give them the best experience post the pandemic.

Set your booth at a fair

When things get normal you may choose to set up your booth in a fair or in a mall that lets you broadcast about your business to the potential clients who are visiting the place.

Have a referral program in place

Word of mouth is the best way to market and this is low cost and also does not take a lot of effort. Ask your clients to refer your services to their friends and for this you should incentivize your customers by rewarding them through gift cards or vouchers.

Plan a giveaway


A giveaway with information about your travel agency creates a visual and a wide business exposure. Think about some low cost ideas for giveaway that your client will appreciate.

Know your customers and be where they can find you


Investing time in marketing is important for your business and it is also crucial to understand who your customer base is and how you can attract the right traffic. Know who your ideal customer is and then design your travel agency marketing strategies keeping your client in mind. The focal point of your travel agency marketing is to be where your customer is.

It does not cost a bomb to market your business to your clients. Attracting new clients, analysing customer behaviour, identifying the right target market and looking closely at the signals to identify when travel is picking up is crucial in your travel agency promotion plan. This should keep the companies ready to streamline their technologies and market the right message to the right target market and at the right time.