Developing Customer Engagement Management In Tourism



ovid-19 has brought the travel industry momentum to a major halt. The industry that was once healthy and was shattering all records has been severely hit. However travel is here to stay and even though we do not really know when things will resume we are certain that it will turn back.

To be able to jump back to normal business it is imperative for the tourism industry to focus on developing customer management.

Engaging customers should be a top priority today


With the increase and splurge in cancellations and almost no booking for the near future, the travel agency is in a grave state of panic. Companies are cutting on budget and preserving cash. However what is equally important at this stage is to concentrate on marketing.

As per research bands can speed up on their post-recession recovery if they could build their brand value and awareness about them during the times of recession. Investing and prioritising marketing during these difficult times is important to see a bounce in business soon.

Streamline and digitize your customer service centre


Guests are cancelling and shifting their travel plans and this means never ending calls to the customer care desk. The travel and tourism companies call centre has seen an unprecedented volume spike. It is important to streamline these digital touchpoints that lets clients cancel or rebook their holiday plans. This helps to optimise the customer demands fluidly and in turn builds on customer satisfaction. It is important to revive customer service during these trying times and improve products and services when demand is back.

Promote wellness through contactless technology

Post the Covid- 19 crises healthy practices will not just be something that is good to have. It will become an obligation for the tour operator to be able to offer high wellness standards and expand their no touch options as much as possible. Offering contactless payments and catering to the guests who will be seeking out for increase in mobile usage from passports to their boarding passes to even keyless rooms and digital checkouts will come a long way.

Re-evaluate competitive landscapes

Financial difficulty and bankruptcy is inevitable for the small travel agents and recovery will also not be homogenous for each one of them. This is because different parts of the globe are facing different intensity of the crisis and also fighting it differently. The domestic travel company will recover much faster than international travel and also some countries will open their doors for global business much sooner than the others.

The brands should look at what the situation will be after recovery. While one cannot place a timeline now it is crucial for the travel agencies to take steps to gain market share and enter into new market dimensions and offer better and new products when the economy takes a leap.

It is proper customer engagement that can help the travel industry come out of this crisis

The travel industry is today at a major point of disruption. The future will be bright but indeed different from what it is today. It is important for companies to evolve and respond to these changes which in turn will also let them gain client trust and thus more business in the future.

It does not cost a bomb to market your business to your clients. Attracting new clients, analysing customer behaviour, identifying the right target market and looking closely at the signals to identify when travel is picking up is crucial in your travel agency promotion plan. This should keep the companies ready to streamline their technologies and market the right message to the right target market and at the right time.