How will AGI help travel agents and customers



s technology is branching out in many ways, the travel industry is also making use of it in the best way possible. The AGi DMC is one such company to tap the potential to improve the b2b businesses. Through their portal helps in enhancing the business processes of the suppliers, vendors, and travel agents for a maximized experience. Let’s see in detail how AGi will be helping the b2b agents and vendors through their online platform.

Fixed-price transfers

The local taxi drivers and transfer companies usually have a limited outreach and only a certain reach for the travel agents who collaborate with them for commissions. This gives only limited growth to them in terms of their own businesses. So, as a B2B company, AGi DMC’s goal is to help both the travel agents as well as the transfer personnel. Through a fixed- price transfer system, we will be collaborating with the travel agents by fixing the rates for the customers along with other facilities.

Food vouchers

In the general tourism scenario, most of the restaurants in the tourist places are dependent only on their walk-in & online customers or travel agents. They mostly provide buffet vouchers and set menus to the groups which are brought in by the agents. Another way the restaurants increase their sales id through a salesperson or a middleman who contacts travel agents to collaborate. Even then, the restaurants are able to reach only half of their potential and the rest of the empty tables go in vain.

To avoid such shortcomings, AGi DMC is launching a platform where various restaurants can register and get global access to online travel companies as well as more than 10,000 travel agents. The restaurants will also be able to maintain the table occupancy, menus, and dynamic pricings according to the tourist seasons.

Ease for FIT & business travelers

Whenever a business traveler or an inbound traveler arrives at a station or an airport, s/he immediately gets confused as to where he should approach for a transfer to his respective destination, unless it is an agent booked tour. A lot of cab companies and drivers offer him different prices and the traveler can’t decide as to which service is more valuable as well as reasonable to his pockets. Considering this problem, AGi’ DMC’s platform will help in regulating the transfer prices for both sharing and private so that the suppliers are satisfied with their global outreach and earnings, as well as the ultimate customers are satisfied with the services and the fixed reasonable prices.

Similarly, many travelers when they come to a new place, they have a hard time in searching and spotting a place to eat. There is confusion as to which place has good food and which restaurant will provide great services at fair prices. But with the provision of food vouchers, travelers can get to eat in trusted, hygienic, and reasonable eateries which will be listed on AGi’s platform. It will be beneficial for both suppliers and customers.

Help to the industry

This innovative solution of building a b2b platform for travel agents and the restaurants is great for promoting merchants with attractive offers. This will captivate a huge client base for them and as a result, will help to give them an automatic headstart and increase their customers in the travel business.